Flower Subscriptions

Our flower subscriptions service allows you to book weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries of any of our beautiful floral packages to your home or office. Our team designs new arrangements daily, and can specialise these to your preferences. 

Get in touch if you would like to request a customised arrangement.

Phone: 0212580658 | Email: info.flowerstation@gmail.com

Weekly Subscription

This beautiful medium-sized bouquet is available on a weekly basis. This bouquet is perfect for offices or businesses that require frequent flowers.

Price from $50.00

Fortnightly Subscription

This beautiful medium- sized bouquet is available on a fortnightly basis. This seasonal floral arrangement is perfect for homes or businesses that want fresh flowers delivered every two weeks.

Price: from $50 fortnightly

Monthly Subscription

This beautiful medium-sized arrangement is perfect for all occasions, homes and work spaces.

Price: from $50 monthly