Click & Collect

Because of Covid-19 all retail store that open under level 3 can only do so if they either deliver or offer click and collect pickups with contact less payments. Our store has always had the option to pay online and do a pickup at the store.

Update: 12th August – new 3 day lockdown. We have shortened the time delay on order lead times down to 2hrs now. This might be tricky on high traffic days but as always we will try to deliver to your preferred timetable. For large orders such as weddings we still need longer lead times.

However to enable this option you need to first click on calculate shipping – (see 1st screenshot below) and enter postcode 1024.

Click on calculate shipping and add 1024 under postcode

The short version is that you enter the store address itself – Under Calculate Shipping to 461 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024. And make sure you Select click and collect. Add your phone number under notes during checkout / payment and we are all set.

How to Use Click & Collect (full version)

1/ Pick any products as you would normally for online shopping

2/ If ready to proceed go to the view cart option. Click on calculate shipping. Enter 1024 under postcode.

3/ Complete address as 461 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland 1024 as the shipping address. This is our store where you would come to make a contactless pick up.

4/ For shipping please make sure you have ticked the “click & collect” option as this will subtract the delivery fee which would have been added automatically.

5/ When ready to checkout. Click the proceed to checkout button as usual. Check the delivery date – it will default to the current date. Add your name and any company name. Name/s are required. Company is optional.

6/ Scroll down to bottom of address section which should already have the store details. Under Order Notes – please enter your best phone number and any other notes like what time you are expecting to come past the store. And anything else that would help us to complete your order.

7/ Check again that the click & collect option has been selected. It should already be correct.

8/ Use the proceed to Paypal button to make your payment.

As for all online orders you will shortly receive an email with your order details. Assuming you entered your phone number under Order Notes (6 above) we can then follow up if we need to. You may also phone us on 021 258 0658 and quote your purchase number which will be on the email you just received.

What this looks like – Screenshots below Examples only

2/ Click on calculate shipping
3/ Enter 1024 as postcode and complete as shop address

6/ Full version during checkout
7/ Check and finish